January 22, 2010

Passport piccys and cups of tea!!!

Why is it so difficult to get a passport picture?

Today was the second attempt at of getting a picture Adam, he is only 16 months old and doesn't understand so it is really difficult to get them how they want. Hopefully they will accept today's although he still has his eyes closed but it was the best one we could get out of the three attempts that the photo booths give you.

I did have the piccys here, but felt too guilty about posting them and so have deleted it.

Instead I will use this piccy I took yesterday for my 365:
I am HUGE coffee drinker, but it doesn't seem to agree with me when I am pregnant, plus I know you shouldn't drink a lot of it when you are pregnant and so it is a good thing.
But I keep craving Tea at the moment and I have never been a big tea drinker, I only normally have a cup of tea if I am poorly. I am still being good at the amount I drink as it is still caffeine, but it tastes so much yummier than normal!
Ooh I found the wallpaper that we like for behind our bed, I like doing feature walls and this will go perfectly! I am kinda annoyed that I have found it as we can't afford to decorate the bedroom just yet and I bet once we are ready that they will not sell it anymore (Grrrrr!).


humel said...

Aw, poor little mite x Passport photos don't flatter any of us, do they?!

humel said...

I don't think they were so very awful, but if you weren't sure about them then it's the right thing to take them down x A cup of tea should feature at least once in any Project 365, anyway :-)