January 25, 2010

Loving taking random photos!!!

Wow, I am blogging on a work day! I actually managed to find the time!

I am really enjoying taking random piccy's of things I wouldn't normally photograph.

This project is making me more aware of the little everyday things around me, that I would normally forget about.

We had a Tesco delivery today (If you read my blog regularly we do not eat that much, my Asda trip on Thursday was for Adam's nappies) and Adam decided to help me unpack! He has never done that before and he started lining up the jars. It's those little moments that I am glad I have caught on film, I normally wouldn't have my camera to hand when unpacking the shopping.

My little helper!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?


jennifer said...

we had a tesco delivery today too, first time I'd used online supermarket shop! My little girl's only interest in it was that she spotted daddy's skips and started 'pleaseeee'-ing me to get some! (She didn't as it was nearly bedtime!)

humel said...

Oh yes, I know just what you mean :-) I wouldn't normally think to photograph the dishwasher, but actually it's a big part of our daily lives so why shouldn't it appear in my project?! And it does mean, as you found, that the camera is always handy for those unexpected little 'moments' of cuteness :-)

Lizzie said...

Adam is sweet. J. went through a "helping" phase at the same age. I have fond memories of him following me around, with a tiny duster-on-a-stick. His "job" was to dust the bottom shelves of the bookcase. He took it very seriously!

debs14 said...

I could do with an unpacker, mine grew up and went to university! Do you loan yours out?!
So cute!