January 15, 2010

I scrapbooked!

I had a couple of hours free today and actually scrapbooked! It seems like ages ago that I completed a 'normal' layout! I have a pile of 'to scrap' pictures and picked out two, one was from Halloween and the other is from when Adam was first born and met his great grandma for the first time.

I also completed the last two pages of my JYC and I am going to stop there. Last year I completed the entire project - right up to the 6th Jan but I kind of feel like I want to stop now. I may decide to continue with it later - who knows! So here are the final pages:

A year in review:

And my New years eve, which I kept quite simple as I spent the evening making my calendar:


Vicki-Jane said...

I think all these pages are lovely and well done for finding some time to do some normal layouts. I have to love the halloween one the most though because of my lovely girls obviously.

humel said...

Just lovely - congrats on finishing your JYC xx