January 23, 2010

Another Page off the 'to scrap' pile!

Woohooo! I scrapbooked again today! Only the one layout as I didn't have a lot of time today, Adam only had a short nap and I know as he gets older the naps will get shorter!!!

I managed to do a page off the 'to scrap' pile again, I tried to make myself a promise (not a resolution) to scrapbook at least one page a week off of this pile as it is enormous! It has outgrown a pile and become a box!

So here it is, In August I went to a hen night which was fab! We all dressed in 80's clothes and had great fun laughing at each other!

I decided to make this page my 365 for today as I think a few scrapbook pages should appear!!!

Night all!


scrappyjacky said...

A lovely fun layout.

humel said...

Fab layout :-) And great idea to include it in your 365, I didn't think of that - I did have a pic of my scrapping in progress, though!

Laura said...

hello...i popped by to tell you about screen captures on the iphone! lol!

You just need to press the top button and the menu button together briefly and the screen will flash white and then the screen capture will be saved in your photos.xx