December 31, 2009

Happy new year

I have finished my calendar which I have now done for the last three years and will be posting pics tomorrow.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy new year, have a great evening and I hope 2010 is everything you hope it will be.

Night x

Testing new app

Wanted to see if this works before I purchase the full app!

- Posted from my iPhone, isn't technology great? X

December 28, 2009

OK, so this is the final post for today!

I promise this is the last post for today, But now I am up-to-date again. (Yay me!) For day 27 I decided to go with slippers instead of sleeping or PJ's as I received this lovely babies for Christmas and they are soooooooooo comfortable!

When I think of Christmas indulgences a lot springs to mind, so I went with the list option for this page and decided to list every indulgence I have at this festive time! My Gosh there is a lot listed isn't there?

I used Shimelle's 'Thing's to do' lists and then removed the title from them in Photoshop as I thought they would do nicely with the amount I was thinking of!
Well that is it for today bloggers, I will be back with my usual ramblings in the not too distant future!!

Oh, maybe one more then!

OK there is time for 1 more:

This year we had a relaxing day instead of a boxing day. We all chilled out, ate a lot of turkey sarnies and watched a lot of Christmas telly. Oh and I indulged in my new gift!

Now it really is time to go!
Happy in-between Christmas and New Year!

Trying to post when Adam is napping!

I am trying to do these posts while Adam has his nap, I think he may wake up soon so this may be the last one until later on:

I kept day 25 simple as there is so much to include! So I went for a tree with tags that fit behind it, the tags will have a list of all the prezzies we each received and on the back is a selection of photos from the day.

Day 24 - Journal Your Christmas

I don't know what is wrong with my printer at the moment but it has made this line right down Adam's head! I didn't re-print the pic as my ink is getting a tad low too!

Our newest tradition is the reading of the Christmas story, On Christmas eve we all sat down just before Adam's bedtime and Steve read us 'The night before Christmas'. We plan to do it every year, although the timing may change as Steve is a shift worker!

2 lovely new books!

Two of my new prezzies for Christmas were these lovely books, I really like reading Autobiographies and have a few on the bookshelf. Every year I get a new one to add to the collection. I haven't started reading it yet but I saw Chris Evans on the Johnathon Ross show and thought this might be a funny read - I will let you know!

I also got this little beauty:

I have started flicking through it and it looks really good, It matches nicely with the online class I took in November: Blogging for scrapbookers. I want to re-vamp my blog in some way, so I will keep reading for ideas and inspiration.

December 27, 2009

Day 23 - Journal Your Christmas

We had a lovely evening away and felt completely relaxed before the mad rush of the big day! I especially loved the little elephant left on the bed which was made out of a towel - so cute! I didn't have the heart to mess it up so I placed him on a chair, although I wanted to bring him home to sit on our bed.

A few Christmas Pics

I didn't take as many pics this year as I normally do, which I am gutted about! Because we hosted Christmas this year I was too busy running around and doing jobs, where as I normally take pics of all the behind the scenes stuff! I managed to get a few though:

I am not going to take the credit for these beauties, I learnt how to fold these from Karen Miller's blog and I am so please with how they turned out.

Steve and Adam during our Christmas story, a new tradition that we have started this year. The pics are a bit blurry as Adam was getting quite into it!

Christmas morning, Adam has just discovered that Santa has been!

Adam's new guitar that makes a racket!!!!! Thank you Nanna & Grandad! x

The Christmas table ready for the feast!

What App?

There are so many apps available!! I have had fun downloading various bits and pieces for my new iPhone but I am a bit confused as to which app to get to enable me to blog. I know it is possible, but there are a few different ones that all do different things!

Blogger's I need your help! Anyone out there that blogs from your IPhone, I need your advice!!!

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas, Hope you have a lovely day filled with love and laughter.

December 23, 2009

The Tesco shop has arrived!!!!

Well, I can breathe a sigh of relief - everything I ordered was in stock and has arrived this morning in preparation for Christmas. We now have a fully stocked fridge, fully stocked veg rack and a heaving larder!! All we need now is Prep time time tomorrow and for Christmas to arrive!

December 22, 2009

I am up to date, but for how long?

I am finally up to date with my JYC, but I don't know how long that will last!! I have been doing a few small jobs today to prepare for Christmas and can't believe it is less than three days away! It has gone so fast!

Day 22:

Day 21:

December 21, 2009

More JYC pages

I finished these pages last night but have been blogging in between jobs today. I love the little sticker that I turned into a stamp, I used my perforater punch to make the edges look stamp-like! Our address is also on the front like an envelope and inside is a picture of the cute little card that we received.

I enjoyed making this page as it made me feel like a child again, I asked Santa for a new bed as our's gives us both back ache at the moment where it is so old!

We have a dusting of snow!

It snowed last night, I opened the curtains this morning and it looks like someone has spilt the icing sugar!!! It's pretty minimal and I am hoping we get just a little more so that I can get some good piccys and so It is a white Christmas!!!

Today's film on the movie advent is Santa Clause 3, we haven't seen it yet - we are going to watch it a bit later on when we can chill on the sofa! I am shattered! We have had a mad few days and I feel like I haven't stopped since finishing work! We had a big family Christmas dinner on Saturday evening for all the family that we will not See on Christmas day and it was really nice - there were 8 adults and two children and it was kind of a practice run for Christmas day!

I have completed some more pages for my JYC, I have uploaded two and will upload more later on. I decided to do a page on the perfect gift for someone, without giving too much away!! I have left the journaling off of the back for this photo, but it is in my album.

I decided to do a page on the ingredients needed for a family Christmas dinner and I am going to take some pictures on Christmas day for the back of the layout.

December 18, 2009

More pages for JYC

As we are hosting Christmas this year I wanted to add some special touches, so my 'gift' page is about the table presents. I did this the last time we hosted Christmas and the table looked so festive with crackers and little gifts.
My journaling is hidden on a little tag behind the title, I didn't take a piccy of that as it is a secret!

Day 15:

This page is similar to last years page, but I wanted to add some of the same things as I am always grateful for them.