November 29, 2009

More JYC Prep

I have finished my cover, but I am not sure if it needs something else! I was going to add a title in big to the front in red letters but don't know if that is going OTT. What do you think?

November 28, 2009

JYC Prep

I can't believe a year has passed and On Tuesday it starts again - of course I am talking about the fabulous Journal Your Christmas!

I have purchased a 6x6 American Crafts album and have already made my page numbers in preparation, The cute little Reindeer are from paperchase - I just love them.

I am currently working on the album cover and will post a pic as soon as it s ready. Night x

November 27, 2009

Christmas tags

I've made some tags for the Christmas table presents. I started with some Burgundy snowflakes that I had cut from a quickutz die:

Then I cut some white and red circles using my sizzix and stuck them together to create a red border:

I stuck each of the snowflakes to the circles and left room to add names:

A finished tag on a table present:

I then decided to add some bling! Names were added using Doodlebugs rub-ons:

Help! I can't decide!

I have just learnt that you can have the mistletoe at the top of the page or it can move down the page as you read. I have just changed it to move but now I can't decide which I prefer. Which one do you prefer?

Blog mistletoe!

How cute is this mistletoe? It is from the secret corridor, there are loads of cute little Christmas gadgets available and they are free! Last year I used the advent calendar, but I am definitely loving this mistletoe.

November 26, 2009

In a Christmas mood!

I feel very festive now, today DH and I went to see 'A Christmas Carol' in 3D. I have never seen a 3D film before today and thought it was really good, there were a few bits that made me jump - they came out of the screen and were really close to us.

I really like the film and thought this version was fantastic, Jim Carrey is fantastic as this character. It was funny but still traditional and I feel all Christmassy!!!!

November 21, 2009

Calm is restored - but for how long?

I've just had a productive few hours and have now wrapped all but two of the presents that are in the house, So no longer will I be yelling 'Don't go in that cupboard!' or 'I will get it, stay there!' DH can now roam freely again and I can now stop running around like a loon!

November 20, 2009

Another Christmas project

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I had an idea for another Christmas project, I have just finished it and will now explain all...

Every year it is a tradition that I will put up the tree and Steve will watch Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation. We have done this for the last Six years. We also like to watch Christmas films throughout December (yes we really have that many Christmas movies!) and a couple of months ago we were talking and the idea for a Christmas movie Advent calendar came up. So that is what I have been working on!

I have made it so that we can change the pictures of the movies around each year or add new ones that come out.
I did listen to my Christmas Music while I made this, So I am rather festive now!

November 19, 2009

My First blog award!

What a nice ending to a day, the lovely humel has given me a blog award. I'm so excited and also quite touched. Thank you humel.

The rules are that I need to share 5 facts about myself, here goes:
  1. I teach/do nails for a living but I am allergic to Acrylic Nails!
  2. I sneeze 5-10 times every morning when I wake up.
  3. I have a metal pin in my leg.
  4. I am scared of dogs.
  5. I could eat mushrooms with every meal.
Now I have shared that information I can pass this award onto some fellow bloggers' who make me smile.
So I am going to pass it to:
Deb, Amy, Sarah, SJ, Sian, Alissa & Sharyn for inspiring me and making me grin when I read their blogs. Also - don't know if this is aloud? But I want to pass it back to humel, as humel's blog continues to inspire me day after day.

November 18, 2009

Update on the last few days

I've had such a busy few days, so apologies for not posting sooner.

I had some interactive whiteboard training on Monday, which was so exciting. It is a huge touch screen whiteboard that allows you to do basically anything! There are games and activities, you can put up pictures and videos (relating to your subject) the list is endless! I had my scrapbook head on, so the creative ideas are flowing!

*Pregnancy update*
I am feeling much better now, the tiredness is wearing off a little, but still waiting for that spurt of energy that comes with the second trimester (I feel I may be waiting a while!) I have moved up a trouser size, although I am in between my old ones and these new ones. Plus I now have a new Beauty Tunic, so no more feeling like my top is going to explode under the pressure!

I am now in the phase where I keep getting cramps in my tum, But I had that with My first baby so I know what to expect. Hopefully, If I remember to take the first pic, I am going to do a monthly update pic of my ever-growing belly. I did this for Adam and It was quite funny to look back on.

I think that is enough ramblings for the moment. I will post again soon, I have a new craft idea for Christmas I want to try so I will tell you all about that.
Bye for now.

November 15, 2009

Christmas music

Is it too early to listen to Christmas music? So far I have heard a couple of songs on Radio one, but I want to listen to Christmas music while I craft. So is it too early? What do you think?

November 14, 2009

My first official layout in weeks!

Since I have joined Shimelle's class 'Blogging for Scrapbookers' I haven't actually done a lot of scrapbooking. the Christmas journal was nearly finished when I started the class and has taken this long to do the last few pages and finishing touches! Not that I am complaining, I am enjoying the class and I am enjoying my new 'blogging experience'.

Today however, I have had some 'me time'. Adam is in bed and I have sat and finished a layout that I thought was going to be 'an idea on the shelve' for quite some time!
I decided to scrap this photo that I blogged about here. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

I am going to say 'Night' here as I am very tired, Can't wait for the energy spurt to come in the second trimester!

Another project finished.

I finished it today, My long-awaited Christmas planner. Now I can't wait to actually write in it! I have updated the front since my previous post on this. It has been nice to have some time to actually scrap today, I have been spending my usual 'scrapping time' on blogging, so this has been a nice change.

Inside I wanted a calendar month to note what what happening in December:

My Gift list, which is currently scribbled on a piece of paper!

This little pocket will hold all of the receipts from my purchases, they will slot in at the top.

I am going to use this page for nearer the time, those little bits you still need to buy.

For my Internet orders, websites etc.

I used printed acetate for the pages for my card list. There are 8 pages for this.

The cute little reindeer are a recent purchase from Paperchase, I fell in love with them instantly!

Another little envelope for vouchers, tickets, coupons and invites throughout December. The tab is held down with Velcro so everything doesn't fly out.

Food shopping list, I used my bind-it-all and added an extra page.

To scribble food ideas down:

Another envelope for recipes:

I needed a place to scribble crafting projects!

And finally a little notes page, for all those extra bits you think of.

I have saved the back page at the moment as I am going to put a picture of the Christmas tree from this year on it.
Bye for now.

November 13, 2009

Delicious Fudge!

I haven't been to Canterbury in such a long time, every time I go there though I can't resist the fudge shop! They sell the most creamiest delicious fudge ever, it is expensive - but we all deserve a treat every now and then! My favourite flavour is the Belgian chocolate and vanilla flavour. They sell it in slabs and even give you a little fork in case you get peckish before you get home! Which I normally do!

Is anyone else obsessed with fudge too? What is your favourite fudge flavour?

November 11, 2009

Another new beginning

It has been so hard to keep this quiet for 6 weeks, but the wait was worth it! I had my 12 week scan this week and all is OK, so baby number 2 is on the way.
I have stopped feeling sick now and i don't feel so tired all the time like I have done, so that is good. I went off coffee, tea and orange anything! But all that is slowly returning to normal.
Yesterday I had to get new work tunic as a little bump has appeared, so my work clothes have been uncomfortable all week - luckily I kept all my maternity wear from Adam for further down the line.
I'm going to have even more to scrapbook!!
Night blogland

November 09, 2009

It's nearly finished

Short and sweet today, I need to go to bed as I haven't slept much in the last few days!!!

A little while back I spoke about a new project, well I am going to give a little taster today as it is almost finished. I have a few bits of tweaking here and there but hopefully by the end of the week it will be up and running.

So without further a do here is the front cover of my new Christmas planner:

November 08, 2009

Sorry to keep you in suspense!

Happy Sunday to all,

Firstly may I apologise for not posting where this cute little Christmas ornament came from, that must have been terribly annoying!

It is from Notcutts garden Centre, they have them dotted around the U.K. On their website it states the different locations. It is such a lovely Garden Centre and my local one has a gorgeous craft shop inside too!!!

Hope everyone's Sunday's have been as peaceful as possible, I have spent a little time with the marvellous wonder-web! I'm quite ashamed to admit that sewing isn't really my strong point, I really do try but my limit is sewing a button back on an item of clothing!!! So to me this stuff is genius!!!

November 07, 2009

The cutest little Christmas Ornament

I just had to buy this today, I thought it was adorable. It has a candle that sits behind the fire and makes it glow, but I just loved the little stockings! I brought one for each of us, but only photographed these two - I can't wait to put it up now!

November 06, 2009

Couldn't leave without writing!

It's actually hard to just post a photo without writing as well, I found it really troubling to hit the 'publish post' button and I feel like I haven't left a mark or like the post is un-finished. Is that weird?

Anyway needed to share this:
I wondered what Adam was doing, but he spent a good 5 Minutes taking each toy out of his toy box and putting it onto the floor. I stared for a while questioning where this was going as he had left a toy in there. I then watched curiously as he proceeded to climb in, sit down - he moved around a little until he was comfortable - and play with his toy! He stayed in there for ages, until he realised I was staring at him and smiling then he decided to get out and sit in the mess he had made on the floor! He didn't even realise I had taken this photo!

Look What I brought!!!!

November 04, 2009

Too many things!

Oohhh, when asked to list my favourite things right now, my mind goes into overdrive. What to include?

There are things that spring to mind immediately, like Adam's first steps (it happened today!) and spending time with my DH (it doesn't happen very often as he works shifts and we tend to be ships passing in the night! but every now and then we get a few days together.)

Obviously Scrapbooking is high on the list too! Although I am having withdrawal symptoms as I have scrapped since last weekend!

Blogging and reading blogs! It has turned into a mini obsession recently, I can't believe how much time passes when you are deep in blog land!

Christmas!!!!!! I get so excited about Christmas and I have almost finished my Christmas shopping! (I'm sorry people, I am one of them - don't hate me!) I have had to be quite organised this year though, as it is my first experience of preparing Christmas whilst juggling work and Family. Last year I was on Maternity leave and so I could take my time.

Eyelashes! Or rather false ones! I love donning a pair of falsies at the mo - not quite as extravagant as the picture. I like natural looking ones that make people look and actually ask 'are they your real eyelashes?'

Many thanks to Ashley Rose for the picture of the eye, click the picture to link to Ashley's photostream.
There are so many other things I can think of but my post is increasing by the second! So I am going to leave it there.
Bye for now!

November 02, 2009

Writers block!!!

Now that is weird! It's the first Day of class (Blogging for scrapbookers) and yet I can't think of anything to wrote about except that I can't think of anything to write about!

I have been to work today and had a stressful one, we have had THE PHONE CALL and ofsted are due in in 3 weeks! So now everyone is madly running round, foaming at the mouth etc trying to make everything perfect. We are already doing pretty well - but people panic! So I have too much going around in my head!

I have already improved with my blogging though, since I have signed up for the new class I have made at least 4-5 posts a week which is a HUGE improvement! That is what I am hoping to achieve from this class - more detailed and meaningful blog posts and more frequent!

Happy blogging people and hello to anyone new reading my blog.

November 01, 2009

Adam's new shoes!

I took Adam to Clarks today to get his feet measured for his first pair of shoes, The assistant was lovely and Adam sat patiently like a good boy while she measured his feet and fitted his shoes. They even take a picture of the moment they stand/walk in their first shoes! Which I was chuffed to bits with as a scrapbooker! Also I was out of action in the photo-taking department as I had to hold Adam's hands etc. My sister was fortunately there though to offer a quick photography hand and managed to get a few snaps in.

Unfortunately I cannot scan the picture that the store took for me as my scanner has decided it doesn't like Windows 7 and has gone on strike!