September 27, 2009

Day 26 LSNED

During my busy day yesterday I was informed that are only 90 days until Christmas! I actually got a little excited about this because that means that it isn't long until JYC 09 starts! I have started gathering supplies and I had a look through what I already have whilst I was making this LO (which made me even more excited!)

I am thinking that I may go Smaller this year, last year I made a 12x12 album and I found it quite difficult to throw a page together quickly! I am thinking maybe 8x8? Haven't decided yet!

September 26, 2009

LSNED Day 25

Busy morning this morning, but now I am having a wind-down session. Today's LO had to refer to the test drive yesterday, I definitely learnt a lesson there!

September 25, 2009

Test driving the Fiat 500 Abarth

DH has had his eye on this car for quite some time and today he finally got to test drive one and so did I! It was very exciting and I actually really enjoyed myself. Normally I would find things like this quite boring but I must admit I really liked driving it and I felt myself getting a little excited too! We are not going to go straight into buying one just yet but of course the occasion needed to be scrapped!

Day 24 LSNED

I have had a really bad cold the last few days and I felt terrible until someone I know recommended Sudofed, which I had never used before but will now be in my medicine cupboard permanently! It is amazing!

Scrap shopping!

I couldn't resist these lush supplies, they have a new craft shop in one of our local garden centres and of course I needed to go and check it out! So ££'s later I have purchased these beauties!

Here is a close up of those gorgeous papers:

September 24, 2009

Day 23, LSNED

I didn't quite realise how many of my shirts that I have in my wardrobe require a button or two to be re-sewn!! I put a shirt on this morning and quickly had to take it off again! I have decided to sit down and do one of those jobs of the list!

September 23, 2009

Days 21 & 22

I had a clear out in my craft room (again!) and now have a project box as I keep finding lots of projects that I have either started or intend to start. So for the moment I have a nice tidy working space, Mmmmh wonder how long that will last!

It was my late night at work on Tuesday and I was trying to turn on the projector with the remote not realising that the last person to use it had turned it off at the mains! Lesson learnt there!!!!!

September 21, 2009

Day 20

Yesterday I drove through central London for the first time and I learnt it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be.

September 20, 2009

My Nails

Thought you might like a look!


It's been a busy day today, I have been to London to a Beauty show and have been walking round the exhibition spending money! Last night I did my nails in bold bright colours and they were noticed by quite a few people today. I decided yesterday to be bold and colourful, so that is the inspiration for today's page.

September 19, 2009

LSNED - 18th Sept. The simple things

When I read today's prompt about keeping things simple, and the simple things in life, I was just about to make a coffee on my favourite gadget! I LOVE coffee and I LOVE my COFFEE MACHINE even more so I felt I had to scrap about it today! Coffee is such a simple thing, yet it makes me feel so much better (and I must say, it is quite a lot of fun making it with this machine).

I also had to include my obsession with the chocolate on the top, it is quite a sad fact but I own several stencils for the chocolate on top - including a rather festive tree!

September 18, 2009

LSNED - Day 17

I have managed to do this LO while my little boy is having his morning nap, I decided that today I would try one of Shimelle's sketches. I don't think I have ever used a sketch before (I don't have a brilliant memory since giving birth!) and I found it very quick and easy. I also scrap lifted Selena's border idea again! It goes so well with the empty space!
Anyway I went shopping yesterday with my friend and saw a T-shirt I liked but didn't think I would be able to pull off the colour. My friend convinced me to try it on and actually the colour suited me quite well! So, of course, I had to buy it!

My scrapagogo page

When I opened this month's Scrapagogo box I instantly saw all the lovely butterflies and the first thought that came to my head was about my Nan who died tragically in her 60's. Until now the only LO that I have scrapped that is linked to my Nan was about my Nan's garden but I have never scrapped about my Nan. So I had an emotional moment and decided that I can do it now.

I have made a tag for my secret journaling:

September 17, 2009

I AM UP-TO-DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that I am now up-to-date! I am the only one awake in the house at the moment so I don't have anyone to share my excitement with - not that my DH would really be that excited! But I just had to vent my excitement somewhere! Let's hope I can now keep fairly up-to-date!

Day 16

I was trying to create a LO for day 9 and wanted to use a pink background, but everything I seemed to put with it just looked wrong! So I decided that sometimes Pink just doesn't work!

Day 15

I had a very long day at work today, I was teaching three 3 hour long sessions back to back and had to travel to another campus in between the last two. I was in so much pain when I got home from standing for all that time. It made my back hurt again and my leg is still not right so that started aching too. I sound like I am completely broken at the moment!!!

Day 14

I had a bit of an emotional day at work and it played on my mind for hours, the lesson I really learnt was that work is just work and that we do it to earn the pennies, So try not to get too emotionally involved. But then it is easier said then done, isn't it?

Day 13

There were a lot of children at Adam's birthday party, so goodness knows what I was thinking about when it came to trifles/jellies etc. I FORGOT to buy plastic bowls! I then spent a while worrying while some of my BEST bowls were used. Luckily it was OK!!!

I have almost caught up!

I have very nearly caught up with 'learn something new everyday' I am just working on the most up-to-date page now!

LSNED - 12th Sept

I decided to make Adam's Birthday cake, I have never done anything like this before - apart from the standard sponge cakes etc. So I learnt that day that anything is possible if I put my mind to it.

LSNED - 11th Sept

I learnt two things on the 11th.

Firstly that for a Beauty Therapist I neglect myself far too much, as we all tend to do in this profession. My second was that some things really are not that big a deal! This is to do with something I heard about in my town that has caused a lot of controversy, but when you talk to people it isn't really that big a deal!

LSNED - 10th Sept

On the 10th September I had just started this project properly and I learnt that I needed to punch my pages for binding before scrapping them otherwise it ruins my pictures. So this was my inspiration for the lessons learnt that day!!!

LSNED - 9th Sept

I was looking around my craft room and decided that it doesn't matter how hard I try, this room always looks a mess! I have since tidied this room twice and it still looks the same!

LSNED - 8th Sept

On the 8th September I had a little accident at work and a big beauty couch went over my toe! It instantly became swollen and my work sent me straight to A&E to get it x-rayed. Luckily it wasn't broken but I couldn't walk properly, So I couldn't go into work the next day. I have badly bruised it and my toe nail is broken, so it is bandaged to stop me from catching it!!!!!

I really am far too accident prone!