January 12, 2009

Nearly that time.....

Well it has been almost a year, but next week I have to go back to work after having been on maternity leave.

It's going to feel very strange being away from little man, But at least it is only a couple of days a week. I thought I would get back into work mode today and I have done my nails ready (as all the students will want to see them - will post pics later!) and have been preparing for my lessons.

I feel that my week will probably be more organised now - as it will have to be! - and I will probably get even more achieved in a week than I do now!


January 09, 2009

Calendar 2009

I have finally finished it! My 2009 calendar. I know it's a little late but at least it is still January! Lol
The cover:










January 06, 2009

My Final Page

It is sad that this is the last post of this project - until next year! But I'm not going to get too sad as I have lots more projects to do!

Here it is:

December layout

Firstly here are the pics of the layouts that I have been working on through December. I did these to remind me of what I actually did this December.
I finished putting them together today.

JYC - Day 36

This was really weird as I took down the Christmas decs and then the prompt was about just that!

JYC - Day 35.

Little Reminders for next year. Still loving Glitter!!!!!

Taking down the tree

I took the tree down yesterday and had to photograph the stages!
Here are a few of my favs:

Journal your Christmas is almost over!!!!

Well today is the last day of JYC, I have really enjoyed making this album and will definitely be doing it again for Xmas 2009. I just have yesterdays and today's pages to finish then I will post them.

Then it is off to my list of projects, I really must crack on with my 2009 calendar! I know that sounds bad, but I only really have 3 months to finish! Oh and the cover! Then I can use my new Christmas toy!!!!! My bind-it-all machine. I am very excited about trying it out.

Well have to go, See ya!

January 04, 2009

JYC - Day 34. Favourite Christmas Memories.

On my tag:

My fav Memories of this year are:
1. Being allowed to put the decorations up early.
2. Decorating Adams room.
3. Taking part in JYC!
4. Making scrambled egg nog then getting it right!
5. Making cookies & mince pies.
6. Learning to cook a Roast dinner & then doing it myself!
7. Going to Notcutts with Vicky.
8. Doing Adam & Steve's Stockings.
9. Adam on Christmas morning playing with his toys & money!
10. Adam meeting big Adam!
11. Spending time with Steve & Adam.
12. Getting a Bind-It-All Machine!

JYC - Day 33. Christmas Magic

I really liked doing this page, it made it feel like Christmas again!

My journaling says:

I LOVE the magic that is attached to Christmas. Every one's kindness, how warm & cosy even the smallest Christmas tree can make me feel and the innocence of the children. This year it is Adam's first Christmas and I can't wait for him to realise the magic of Christmas.

Day 32 - Welcome 2009!!!!

My Resolutions are:

1. Learn to cook more dishes.
2. Cook More!
3. Invite people to dinner more (Once I've learnt to cook!)
4. Spend more time with Steve & Adam.
5. Maybe shop less!
6. not let work stress me out when I go back.
7. Take more photos.
8. Enjoy life even more!
On my Layout number 5 is very small as I don't really want to do it! Lol

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's late, but I haven't been very well and I thought better late than never!

Firstly, I need to tell you about my new found passion for glitter! I get so excited about using it and I have used it a lot lately!!! I am really into the doodlebugs letters that you add glitter to.

Here is my New years eve entry, the journaling says:

Usually we go out & party on New Years Eve, whether it's to our local or to a house party, we always do something to celebrate.

This year however was different, not just because we have Adam now, but also Steve was working again! He got home at about 8pm which was really good - BUT we both had this horrible flu, So we ended up falling asleep on the couch and missed it!

Never mind: Goodbye 2008!