December 21, 2009

We have a dusting of snow!

It snowed last night, I opened the curtains this morning and it looks like someone has spilt the icing sugar!!! It's pretty minimal and I am hoping we get just a little more so that I can get some good piccys and so It is a white Christmas!!!

Today's film on the movie advent is Santa Clause 3, we haven't seen it yet - we are going to watch it a bit later on when we can chill on the sofa! I am shattered! We have had a mad few days and I feel like I haven't stopped since finishing work! We had a big family Christmas dinner on Saturday evening for all the family that we will not See on Christmas day and it was really nice - there were 8 adults and two children and it was kind of a practice run for Christmas day!

I have completed some more pages for my JYC, I have uploaded two and will upload more later on. I decided to do a page on the perfect gift for someone, without giving too much away!! I have left the journaling off of the back for this photo, but it is in my album.

I decided to do a page on the ingredients needed for a family Christmas dinner and I am going to take some pictures on Christmas day for the back of the layout.

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Gemma* said...

we had a sprinkling of snow here too, tho i'm hoping not to get any more til at least chrsitmas day when i can stay indoors in the warm! love the little reindeers on your number tags :) merry christmas!