December 23, 2009

The Tesco shop has arrived!!!!

Well, I can breathe a sigh of relief - everything I ordered was in stock and has arrived this morning in preparation for Christmas. We now have a fully stocked fridge, fully stocked veg rack and a heaving larder!! All we need now is Prep time time tomorrow and for Christmas to arrive!


Debbie said...

Lucky you!! I was so at the back of the line for slots!! But bless DH, he came to the rescue & did the shopping on his way home last night!

humel said...

Hooray, well done :-) I braved Asda this morning. Oh boy.... So glad that's over!!

PS Divided page protectors: I used the kind that hold ATCs, baseball cards etc and trimmed off the top row of 3 (for use another time). I got them from WHSmith. They have a whole range with different sized pockets for coin collections, postage stamp albums, etc. They're my new favourite thing!

SarahLP said...

Your pages are fabulous.. and well done for keeping up so brilliantly! I am now miles behind.. but at least I feel pretty organised for Christmas! Your tree is beautiful too. Have a great Christmas!

ps thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! xxx