December 28, 2009

OK, so this is the final post for today!

I promise this is the last post for today, But now I am up-to-date again. (Yay me!) For day 27 I decided to go with slippers instead of sleeping or PJ's as I received this lovely babies for Christmas and they are soooooooooo comfortable!

When I think of Christmas indulgences a lot springs to mind, so I went with the list option for this page and decided to list every indulgence I have at this festive time! My Gosh there is a lot listed isn't there?

I used Shimelle's 'Thing's to do' lists and then removed the title from them in Photoshop as I thought they would do nicely with the amount I was thinking of!
Well that is it for today bloggers, I will be back with my usual ramblings in the not too distant future!!


The Scrappy Tree said...

This album is so gorgeous, I so need to do this next year! But maybe I need to get you to make it for me ;)

sharyncarlson said...

Your album is so gorgeous! And I love your slippers :)