December 09, 2009

Few days behind but very excited!!!

I am a few days behind on my JYC album as I have been working late quite a lot, plus I have the major pregnancy tiredness at the moment (still waiting for that spurt of energy to come in the second trimester!). But enough of the excuses because I am very excited!!! Today I opened Shimelle's prompt for JYC and one of the piccy's in it was this:

It's my Day 9 page from last years JYC!!! How cool is that? I am quite chuffed and just had to share my excitement! I will post some pages soon - hopefully tomorrow, so bye for now!


sharyncarlson said...

How exciting!! It's a lovely page! Have fun catching up with your album :)

{melissa} said...

Don't feel too bad, I am a few days behind too. Hoping to catch up next week. Congrats on the page, that must have felt really good!

Leanne said...

loving your pages so far! Don't worry about the tiredness!! I'm 30 weeks and still shattered most of the time!! good luck! x