December 05, 2009

Days 4 & 5 JYC

Last year Steve had to work all over Christmas and so it wasn't as good as previous Christmases, Steve didn't really enjoy himself as he kept having to watch the clock and I really missed him! So this year will be a magical Christmas as Steve has the week off! To treat ourselves we are going to stay in a posh hotel for the night in London and then drive home for Christmas the next day!

Front of Day 4:

Back of Day 4:

I decided to do a layout on the Christmas Movie Advent that I have previously posted about as it is a new tradition that started this year. I have included today's Christmas movie behind a little advent door.


The Scrappy Tree said...

Lucky you! What a lovely way to spend your Christmas :)

Your pages are beautiful, I am SO loving those reindeer!!

{melissa} said...

so glad he will be home this year, no doubt it will be magical!

I love your movie tradition, very clever!

Lizzie said...

Yes, I love the reindeer too. You probably said where you got them but I missed it... where please?

The Film Advent Calendar is a great idea! Can't do it here, as we dont have time to see a movie every day, but still, it's great!

I hope your lovely hotel stay turns out to be everything you are hoping for and that you have a wonderful Christmas!

CoventryAnn said...

Love the advent movie idea, great pages.

Lizzie said...

Hello I'm back. Thanks for dropping by my blog to answer my question about the reindeer. I can feel a trip to Milton Keynes coming on ... so many shops I need to go to !

No, I'm afraid I didn't sign up for JYC this year. I just didn't feel I'd have time! I took the "Learn Something New Every Day" course in September and had to give up about half way through - September is always busy in our house, but this year it was manic. So were October and November, so I didn't think JYC would stand a chance!
Maybe next time... I hope you enjoy it though and I do love to see how everyone is doing!

humel said...

Oh, what lovely pages, as always :-) So pleased for you that you'll get all that quality time together! x

Cheryl said...

wow lucky you whay a christmas you are so lucky and I love your pages

sharyncarlson said...

Sounds like you will be having a very lovely Christmas this year! What a fun way to spend the holiday :)