December 12, 2009

Christmas Crackers and Day 11 of JYC.

Not me!!!!!!

Well OK, maybe me!

I decided to make my own crackers this year, It was harder than I thought but I am very pleased with how they turned out - I just hope they actually pull!

I have kept them simple as there is going to be a lot on the table (and of course it is all red! Have you guessed yet that red is my favourite colour?) and I didn't want it to get to busy. I have used my cute little reindeer as I seem to have brought shares in them (probably why no one can find any!) and of course I find them completely adorable!

Day 11 of JYC is completely tree related! This is the new tree after I (ahem) accidentally smashed the old one! (I really do miss that tree!) So the page had to have a nice big picture showing it off, I have completed the journaling card yet - I will do that tonight.

Right I am off to start Day 12 now, See you soon!


humel said...

Lovely, lovely page :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

I need me some of those reindeer!!
Beautiful page - reminds me, I need to go take some pics of the tree I decorated yesterday!

elinjanne said...

Me too want a new tree...after 24 years mine look like shit:)
Your crackers turned out great and I love that cute little reindeer.
Beautiful pages.

nsmerkt said...

Love your JYC! Would you care to share your source for instructions on making your own crackers? Thanks!