November 18, 2009

Update on the last few days

I've had such a busy few days, so apologies for not posting sooner.

I had some interactive whiteboard training on Monday, which was so exciting. It is a huge touch screen whiteboard that allows you to do basically anything! There are games and activities, you can put up pictures and videos (relating to your subject) the list is endless! I had my scrapbook head on, so the creative ideas are flowing!

*Pregnancy update*
I am feeling much better now, the tiredness is wearing off a little, but still waiting for that spurt of energy that comes with the second trimester (I feel I may be waiting a while!) I have moved up a trouser size, although I am in between my old ones and these new ones. Plus I now have a new Beauty Tunic, so no more feeling like my top is going to explode under the pressure!

I am now in the phase where I keep getting cramps in my tum, But I had that with My first baby so I know what to expect. Hopefully, If I remember to take the first pic, I am going to do a monthly update pic of my ever-growing belly. I did this for Adam and It was quite funny to look back on.

I think that is enough ramblings for the moment. I will post again soon, I have a new craft idea for Christmas I want to try so I will tell you all about that.
Bye for now.


Amy said...

Those whiteboards are fabulous, I'm glad you are feeling better - I think we all feel better when our clothes fit us properly .... you don't need to be pregnant to appreciate that feeling!

humel said...

Glad you're feeling better x

I love interactive whiteboards!! They're one of the best things to happen in teaching :-)

And I can't wait to see your new idea!

Kim said...

love the white boards, we have several in the computer labs. I am very excited that we are upgrading to projectors in all the classrooms. Before the projectors were limited to the advanced classes, but now they are in every room! (I teach resource English, so I never got to play with the projectors before.)

humel said...

PS Just gave you an award, hope you like it x