November 04, 2009

Too many things!

Oohhh, when asked to list my favourite things right now, my mind goes into overdrive. What to include?

There are things that spring to mind immediately, like Adam's first steps (it happened today!) and spending time with my DH (it doesn't happen very often as he works shifts and we tend to be ships passing in the night! but every now and then we get a few days together.)

Obviously Scrapbooking is high on the list too! Although I am having withdrawal symptoms as I have scrapped since last weekend!

Blogging and reading blogs! It has turned into a mini obsession recently, I can't believe how much time passes when you are deep in blog land!

Christmas!!!!!! I get so excited about Christmas and I have almost finished my Christmas shopping! (I'm sorry people, I am one of them - don't hate me!) I have had to be quite organised this year though, as it is my first experience of preparing Christmas whilst juggling work and Family. Last year I was on Maternity leave and so I could take my time.

Eyelashes! Or rather false ones! I love donning a pair of falsies at the mo - not quite as extravagant as the picture. I like natural looking ones that make people look and actually ask 'are they your real eyelashes?'

Many thanks to Ashley Rose for the picture of the eye, click the picture to link to Ashley's photostream.
There are so many other things I can think of but my post is increasing by the second! So I am going to leave it there.
Bye for now!


scrappyjacky said...

So agree with you about the's totally addictive....I can't believe how much time I spend blog hopping....I love it.

Jinnag said...

I love Christmas too - are you doing the Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas Class?? I love it to bits!

Vikki said...

I'm with you on the blogging obsession. I really should be getting some sleep right now but keep thinking, 'just one more click'!

alissa said...

love your list. some of my favorite things, too. hope you are doing JYC with us! :)


Amy said...

Oh, the first steps are just so exciting aren't they? Mine just ran from there on in though - watch out! I'm also going to do JYC - hope you are too.

Denise said...

Hello from class- I agree about blogging, totally addictive! Oh and I so remember buying those first shoes :-)

Claireliz said...

Great faves. JYC is really good fun.

humel said...

First steps - wow, exciting :-) Great list. Sorry I didn't read your last post properly, I somehow completely missed that you were due to be OFSTEDed, good luck x

Cheryl said...

love the list, know what you mean about blog hopping do we actualy get any crafting done lol

Jane said...

Yes blogging and blog hopping is so addictive :) Awww to the first steps :)

I can't wait to take Shimelles JYC class!!! :)

Mary B said...

Love your list and wow to those eyelashes