October 27, 2009

New technology!

Firstly apologies for not blogging yest, my DH and I went out and brought a copy of Windows 7 and since our current version was Windows XP I had to sit and backup ALL my files! You can imagine as a scrapbooker how many there would be!!!! We do have an external hardrive, but for some reason it still took a while and (rather ashamedly) I had never backed up my itunes! (Lesson learnt there!!) So 5 DVD's later my itunes were safe!!!!

I have only just finished loading the new Windows 7 and re-downloading all my programmes such as itunes (still currently loading the 5 discs to itunes though!). It has taken so long as I have been looking after my 1 year old today, so as you can also imagine I haven't been able to do it until he naps - or my DH got home from work.

But we are finally up and running now and I am free to blog away!


Jen Martakis said...

Your blog is very pretty. So....do you like Windows 7 so far?

Mary said...

Gosh you've been busy with IT issues recently. Love your blog ~ look forward to reading more.

Gemma* said...

windows 7 and blogging, you've been busy! is windows 7 living up to expectations? and most important, does photoshop work?!!!