September 10, 2009

Well I have learnt something from doing this page which is going to go into this book! I should punch my pages for binding before I scrap them! Otherwise I get that ugly punch mark in my nice photograph!

I have made a note in my book ready for tomorrows prompt!
This prompt was all about my recent change of days for work, I now work a twelve hour day on a Tuesday and do not get home until 9pm ish. My little boy is asleep in his bed by then and this particular day it hit me hard and I really missed him.


debs14 said...

Good to see you back Rachel! I used to enjoy your pages so look forward to seeing how LSNED progresses!
I did the class last year and so get the prompts again this year and I do plan to do it but was on holiday until Tuesday so was behind before I even saw the first prompt. However, I have good intentions to catch up .....

RachelB said...

I know how you feel, So far I am only up to the 2nd prompt!! Where is that printer cartridge?