September 11, 2009

2nd & 3rd Sept LSNED pages

It's my little boy's first birthday tomorrow and we have been shopping today for food as we are going to throw a party on Sunday for close friends and family. I can't believe how much planning still goes into a 1 year olds' birthday party!

Managed to sneak a few hours this evening to scrap as little man is asleep and my DH is on nights, so I have now managed to scrap the 2nd and 3rd of September - still quite behind, but at least the printer ink finally arrived this morning!

Here is the page for the 2nd Sept:

I wore these shoes to work on the 2nd September without really thinking that this particular day I would be on my feet - all day! Hence not making the best decisions first thing in the morning!

3rd Sept page:

I was sitting in my craft room on the 3rd September when a spider landed on my hand, I jumped up and started slapping my clothes like a looney! It was then that I realised 'I am more scared of spiders than I thought!'

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