December 31, 2008

JYC - Day 30

My Entry for JYC day 30, My year in review. I didn't want to use photos for this as I didn't have photos for everything I journaled about.

JYC - Day 29

Today is a kind of mix & match day, I added a little glitter to my cover (although it is hard to tell here) and finished my inside cover.

I also made my title page for my Album

And I made a layout on saying goodbye to some relatives that are emigrating to Vancouver.

December 29, 2008

Well I have almost caught up again, I have already done the cover for my Journal but I am currently working on the inside cover. It will take up to the 31st as I am adding a bit everyday. So I will post that one later. Here is days 27, 27a and 28.

Day 27, Catching up on the Z's!!!!!

My Second entry for Day 27 about our second Christmas.
Day 28, My Christmas Weaknesses. I thought I would use the trees as my columns.

December 26, 2008

Christmas Catch up the 2nd!!!!!

Here is today's Layout:

Christmas Catch up

Well didn't that go fast?

It was a very busy day yesterday, we did lots of visiting and ate a lot! It was a lovely day, but it was a shame my DH had to work. He went in at 10pm until 6am today and is at work now too. But then he is off for four days and we are going to have our second Christmas tomorrow.

I managed to catch up on JYC this evening, I completed days 24, 25 & 26.

Day 25:

I journaled about the busy day we had and the fact that my hubbie had to work, the envelope is filled with little pics of the day.

December 23, 2008

Day 23, Journal your Christmas

I decided to change it slightly today, the Layout is still about stockings but instead of making a stocking (as I did that on day 7) I made a Santa stop here sign. My journaling is behind the sign which opens up.

My journaling reads: I LOVE sorting out the Christmas stockings. We open them in the morning while we are still in bed, when I was little my sister & I used to open them in bed and then run into mum and dad's room to show them what Santa had got us!

The stockings usually just appear at the end of the bed, but I want to start leaving them out now that Adam is here. So then Santa can fill them while we sleep!

December 22, 2008

JYC - Day 22. Still to do

I wanted today to be as colourful as poss, I copied my list from day 7 and added a few more things then crossed off everything I have done.

My To-do list

1. Put up lights in living room window
2. Finish delivering cards
3. Put together and wrap Lisa prezzie
4. Wrap Vicky prezzie
5. Wrap Emma prezzie
7. Buy vouchers for Mick
8. Put money in cards for Bret & Aidan & add to trinket prezzies
9. Sort and wrap peter prezzie
10. Buy vouchers for Jodie and add to trinket prezzie
11. Buy joint prezzie mum & dad
12. Put wrapping stuff away & cards!
13. Write in Decembers bday cards & address ready
14. Finish making 2009 calendar
15. Make Christmas thank you cards
16. Decide on what puddings to cook!
17. Buy ingredients!
18. Make eggnog & pudding for Christmas day
19. Make mince pies
20. Make desert number 2!
21. Finish visiting everybody before Christmas and giving out gifts

December 21, 2008

JYC - Day 21

Now I know my photo isn't Christmassey, but I wanted to get a picture of my craft room to remind me of how much fun I am having Journaling my Christmas!

There are a couple of small Christmassey sights, including the chocolates I was eating whilst reading Shimelle's prompt, which is still on the screen as I jumped up to take the photograph straight away! Photos of deserts from previous Decembers (left over from day 18) My stack of cook books for Christmasey deserts! And there is also a scrapbook page on an Egg Nog recipe.

OMG I nearly forgot! The dinner was a success!!! I now can officially say that I can cook a Roast Dinner! Trouble is now DH expects it every week! Lol

December 20, 2008

JYC - Day 20

I haven't done any journaling yet as Christmas is just around the corner and there may be a few more surprises. I have made the blank tags ready to go.

December 19, 2008

JYC - Day 19. Letter from Santa

I decided to do my letter from Santa to Adam, My 3 month old. It is his first Christmas and one of the websites Shimelle listed had a fantastic template for your baby's first Christmas.

So here it is:

The letter says:
Dear Baby Adam,
Merry Christmas! I’ve been making my list and checking it twice, and I discovered that you were new on the list of nice little boys this year.
I know your parents are very happy to have you as the newest member of the family. They love you very much.
The reindeer, Mrs. Claus and I all look forward to bringing you lots of joy at Christmas for many years. This year your parents asked me to bring you a bag of new clothes, and I promise to do my best to deliver it. But you have to promise to go to sleep without any fuss on Christmas Eve so the reindeer and I can come to visit. ........... is one of my first stops, so you have to go to sleep early without making your parents rock you to sleep.
I know your new family is thrilled to have you spending this holiday season with them, and the reindeer and I are excited that we'll be able to visit you on your very first Christmas.
Welcome to the world and have a very merry Christmas!
Love, Santa x

I've gone Nigella Crazy!!!!

What a busy day it has been!

We have had a lovely day out today and I bought Nigella's Christmas book after recently watching the three night Christmas special on TV. Then we just HAD to go to Tesco to stock up on ingredients (not just for the Nigella recipes, but also for Sunday! Yes it is still on!).

When I got home I couldn't wait to try the mince pie recipe and ended up making her cranberry mince pies and the girdlebuster pie for Christmas day desert at Steve's mum & dad's house!!! I just got carried away!! It's a really good recipe and it stays in the freezer as it has ice cream in it!! It's extremely calorific!

December 18, 2008

JYC - Day 18. Christmas Baking

This page got me thinking, I don't usually cook (in general) I'm not very good at it - except deserts for some strange reason!!

Steve is the cook in our house and is very very good at it. So I kinda got to thinking 'how silly, I don't know how to cook a roast dinner!' I have set myself an early resolution to learn to cook at least a roast and I mentioned it to Steve. As you can imagine Steve got quite excited about this and we are now going food shopping tomorrow so that I can cook him a Sunday dinner!

Will let you know how I get on! So here is my page for today, not on Christmas dinner, but on what I CAN cook!

The journaling on my hidden tag says:

Steve & I take it in turns every year to go home for Christmas dinner. This year we are going to Steve's mums for Christmas dinner, Steve's mum makes a gorgeous chestnut stuffing & you can't help but go back for seconds!!!

So instead of Christmas dinner being cooked in our house there are lots of December treats!!!

December 17, 2008

JYC - Day 17. Perfect present

I really enjoyed today's page, I thought about previous years for the journaling as I thought if I did a page on this years prezzies it would give it away!!!

The journaling on the tag says:

The year we moved in together I surprised Steve with a new telly for Christmas. It arrived while I was at work & my mum & dad were at our house ready to hide it away!

We didn't realise how big the box would be & it had to stay in the kitchen!

It was too big for me to move & I had to wrap it in the kitchen. I ran round and round the box with the wrapping paper & when Steve got home from work he was so excited to see this huge box!

I wanted to wrap the remote and put it under the tree but I couldn't get it out of the box as it was at the bottom! So I wrapped a pic of it and put it under the tree.

On Christmas morning Steve opened the envelope and had the biggest smile ever!

December 16, 2008

The Scrambled Eggnog Layout!

It just had to be scrapbooked!!!!!

Eggnog Success!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it!

I have just perfected Eggnog! And boy was it strong! I got the recipe from the Radio one website and have just finished making/drinking it!

Christmas Thanks (& Eggnog!)

Well today I thought I would get all festive and make some eggnog as my hubbie finished work for 8 days, Unfortunately he has to go back on Christmas Eve!

The eggnog was NOT a success and looked completely gross! So when my DH came home from work he was greeted with scrambled eggnog! I was quite upset! I am going to try again though, I am determine to make proper eggnog!

Anyway enough of that here is day 16 of JYC!

December 15, 2008

JYC - Day 15. Visitors

Today's Layout. Visiting!

The Journaling reads:

We don't have any visitors over the Christmas period as we do the visiting.
On Christmas day we spend half of it with steve's mum & dad and half with my mum & dad, but usually we save prezzies with my mum & dad for our second Christmas!
Then on Boxing Day or the day after we catch up with more family.

December 14, 2008

JYC - Day 14. Gifts

I decided to do a similar layout to my Layout for day 12 where I used the tree to hide to my journaling. The tag on the present is one of the tags I used when wrapping up the children's presents this year. I thought it was a fun one to use as I had used a tag that matched my paper on day 10.

December 13, 2008

JYC - Day 13. Christmas Music

The first picture is the layout in the page protector and the second picture is a close up of the tag. The third picture is my Layout out of the page protector.

Once I had finished writing out the lyrics to my Christmas song on my Lo I decided that I didn't want to cover it up so I carried on ontop of the page protector. The Lyrics are Andy Williams 'it's the most wonderful time of the year'.
Journaling on tag says:
I do like my Christmas music & have to have it playing a lot through December. It's hard for me to get bored of it as I think there are about 70 tracks in my ipod playlist! There are a small selection on the CD though and it was hard choosing favourites.
Rachel xx

December 12, 2008

JYC - Day 12. Christmas Past

I'm quite tired today, I have been Christmas shopping all day and have had the usual manic evening so I will make this a quick one.

Here is day 12!

December 11, 2008

JYC - Day 11

I really enjoyed scrapbooking about my love of trees!
Here is the journaling:
I get really excited about decorating my Christmas trees (plural as I have 5!) The reason I have 5 Christmas trees is because I adore them, I would rather have Christmas trees spread everywhere across the house than any other decoration! (This in fact is what normally happens).

I have a 7ft tree in the living room, a 5ft tree in the conservatory (which we bought with us from the old house - I didn't have the heart to throw it away as it is so old!) A 3ft tree in the hall (which is a funky silver colour - the rest are traditional green) and we have two little ones upstairs. I have one in my craft room and we have one in our bedroom. They are all artificial as I have too many to have real ones!
My main tree is decorated to match the front room and all the decorations on it have to match. When the tree has all the lights, tinsel, baubles etc then I stand back and Steve puts the star on the top, it is also a tradition that we started when we moved in together.

December 10, 2008

My Shopping Trip & JYC - Day 10

I went to Notcutts Garden Centre today (another tradition crossed off of the checklist!) and their Christmas section was huge! naturally I couldn't leave without buying anything and so have a couple more Christmas bits to add to my ever growing collection!
They also have a huge craft shop there, which you can imagine is like a second home to me! As per usual the shop now has a large wodge of my cash! I should just buy shares in the place and be done with it!

Here are my new goodies:

Also today I have made my page for Day 10 of JYC using some of my yummy stash from today's shopping spree!

December 09, 2008

JYC - Day 9

Day 9!

Today's entry is about traditions and I decided that instead of my usual 12x12 LO I would do an 8x8 LO. I have done both sides and it has a hidden journaling card inside.

This is the front:

This is the back:

and this is the hidden card:

The journaling in the card says:

Traditions at Christmas

I LOVE Christmas traditions! And have quite a few which seem to be growing each year. The oldest tradition that we have is that we write in the same card every year and we have been doing this since we got married. Each of our cards that we write in are huge and I love reading what we have written each year.

There is another tradition that we have had since we moved in together, which is to do with the day the decs go up. We make a day out of it. Steve sits on the sofa and watches Christmas movies and I put up the decs. I like it this way though as I am very particular about the decs and the trees!

There are things that we do every year which are not terribly exciting, but it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t do them. We have to visit either Notcutts Garden centre or Bybrook Barn – which is another garden centre. They both have HUGE Christmas displays and they sell Christmas decs etc. Normally Santa is there too! I get very excited walking around these as they both have such a Christmassy feel! Also I have to go to B&Q each year – even if I don’t buy anything! Which I do! – Because their Christmas section gets bigger every year.

Last year we started a tradition of two Christmases, we were finding it hard trying to fit everybody into one day! Last year we had a second Christmas at mums on Boxing Day and this year we are going to do the same at Hev & Dave’s. But this time it will be the day after Boxing Day.

We also watch the same Christmas movies. Chevy’s Christmas vacation (Steve’s favourite), home alone 1 & 2 & I HAVE to watch Santa Claus the movie. We have watched a few new ones this year and I think they will be added to the traditions!

We have started a new tradition this year with Adam, as it is his first Christmas I took a picture of him in front of the Christmas tree and I will continue to do so every year from now. Probably against his will when he is a teenager!

The tradition that I miss the most from my childhood is the huge family get-together we use to have on Boxing Day. My Nan, Granddad, all of my Aunties & Uncles and my Cousins would be there and there were a lot of us! My mums brothers and sisters would take it turns to ‘host’ Boxing Day. It’s a tradition that fizzled out after my Nan passed away.

I bought a couple of traditions with me from my childhood. We open our stocking in bed as soon as we wake up (I know, we are both 26. But you are never too old for a stocking. Right?) We then have to get dressed, ready and have breakfast before we are allowed downstairs to the living room. Once in the living room we sit on the carpet around the tree and exchange gifts.

December 08, 2008

JYC - Day 8

I can't believe I am still on track with this! It's been a busy day, but somehow I managed to fit this in. I know eventually I am going to have a backlog though!

So here it is Day 8, all dedicated to seasonal sights. I must admit that I haven't really been anywhere to see much of the Christmas season. I did manage to photograph a couple of bits of Christmas in a couple of shopping malls in the last week, so that's a start! The rest of the photos are from Christmas surroundings in our home.