December 09, 2008

JYC - Day 9

Day 9!

Today's entry is about traditions and I decided that instead of my usual 12x12 LO I would do an 8x8 LO. I have done both sides and it has a hidden journaling card inside.

This is the front:

This is the back:

and this is the hidden card:

The journaling in the card says:

Traditions at Christmas

I LOVE Christmas traditions! And have quite a few which seem to be growing each year. The oldest tradition that we have is that we write in the same card every year and we have been doing this since we got married. Each of our cards that we write in are huge and I love reading what we have written each year.

There is another tradition that we have had since we moved in together, which is to do with the day the decs go up. We make a day out of it. Steve sits on the sofa and watches Christmas movies and I put up the decs. I like it this way though as I am very particular about the decs and the trees!

There are things that we do every year which are not terribly exciting, but it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t do them. We have to visit either Notcutts Garden centre or Bybrook Barn – which is another garden centre. They both have HUGE Christmas displays and they sell Christmas decs etc. Normally Santa is there too! I get very excited walking around these as they both have such a Christmassy feel! Also I have to go to B&Q each year – even if I don’t buy anything! Which I do! – Because their Christmas section gets bigger every year.

Last year we started a tradition of two Christmases, we were finding it hard trying to fit everybody into one day! Last year we had a second Christmas at mums on Boxing Day and this year we are going to do the same at Hev & Dave’s. But this time it will be the day after Boxing Day.

We also watch the same Christmas movies. Chevy’s Christmas vacation (Steve’s favourite), home alone 1 & 2 & I HAVE to watch Santa Claus the movie. We have watched a few new ones this year and I think they will be added to the traditions!

We have started a new tradition this year with Adam, as it is his first Christmas I took a picture of him in front of the Christmas tree and I will continue to do so every year from now. Probably against his will when he is a teenager!

The tradition that I miss the most from my childhood is the huge family get-together we use to have on Boxing Day. My Nan, Granddad, all of my Aunties & Uncles and my Cousins would be there and there were a lot of us! My mums brothers and sisters would take it turns to ‘host’ Boxing Day. It’s a tradition that fizzled out after my Nan passed away.

I bought a couple of traditions with me from my childhood. We open our stocking in bed as soon as we wake up (I know, we are both 26. But you are never too old for a stocking. Right?) We then have to get dressed, ready and have breakfast before we are allowed downstairs to the living room. Once in the living room we sit on the carpet around the tree and exchange gifts.


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