December 04, 2008

JYC - Day 4

Here is the layout for day 4, My perfect Christmas.

The journaling reads:

My perfect Christmas is spending the day with Steve and our families. Steve and I would wake up Christmas morning to our stockings and open them in bed. Then downstairs we would sit on the warm carpet in the living room next to the roasting fire, with hot chocolate keeping our hands warm. Outside would be a thick snowy wonderland and it would still be lightly snowing.

We would have Christmas music playing whilst we exchanged gifts then we would get ready for the family to arrive. The house would be filled with the smell of Christmas dinner and the table would be perfectly set for everybody with a little table gift.

Our families would arrive and brush Christmas snow off of them; they would be greeted with a tall glass of wine to enjoy while they warmed themselves by the fire. Everybody would then exchange gifts after we had all hugged each other and chatted for a while. After that, it would be time to sit down for Christmas dinner.

My perfect Christmas wouldn’t end, the tree would never come down and it would always be magical!

This year our Christmas will be slightly different as we now have a little boy and it is going to be even better!!!

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