December 03, 2008

JYC - Day 3

Here is my Layout for Day 3.

The journaling reads:
I normally buy my Christmas cards; I have made a few in the past but never remember to make them in time! Next year I plan to start early and make special cards for the parents and immediate family rather than buying them. Hopefully as the years go on I will add to them and eventually end up making them all!

I usually wait until I have received the first Christmas card before I try and send them, then I don’t feel so bad for doing it too early! It’s normally around the 1st December. This year we received our first Christmas card on the 2nd so I have started handing them out today and as soon as I buy more stamps I plan to send the others.

When it comes to writing the cards I usually write a quick ‘Best Wishes’ and sign as I normally have about two hundred to send. I feel awful if I receive one from someone that I didn’t send one to, so I quickly get out the cards and write one back. I then add their name to my Christmas card book for next year!

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