December 22, 2008

JYC - Day 22. Still to do

I wanted today to be as colourful as poss, I copied my list from day 7 and added a few more things then crossed off everything I have done.

My To-do list

1. Put up lights in living room window
2. Finish delivering cards
3. Put together and wrap Lisa prezzie
4. Wrap Vicky prezzie
5. Wrap Emma prezzie
7. Buy vouchers for Mick
8. Put money in cards for Bret & Aidan & add to trinket prezzies
9. Sort and wrap peter prezzie
10. Buy vouchers for Jodie and add to trinket prezzie
11. Buy joint prezzie mum & dad
12. Put wrapping stuff away & cards!
13. Write in Decembers bday cards & address ready
14. Finish making 2009 calendar
15. Make Christmas thank you cards
16. Decide on what puddings to cook!
17. Buy ingredients!
18. Make eggnog & pudding for Christmas day
19. Make mince pies
20. Make desert number 2!
21. Finish visiting everybody before Christmas and giving out gifts

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