December 21, 2008

JYC - Day 21

Now I know my photo isn't Christmassey, but I wanted to get a picture of my craft room to remind me of how much fun I am having Journaling my Christmas!

There are a couple of small Christmassey sights, including the chocolates I was eating whilst reading Shimelle's prompt, which is still on the screen as I jumped up to take the photograph straight away! Photos of deserts from previous Decembers (left over from day 18) My stack of cook books for Christmasey deserts! And there is also a scrapbook page on an Egg Nog recipe.

OMG I nearly forgot! The dinner was a success!!! I now can officially say that I can cook a Roast Dinner! Trouble is now DH expects it every week! Lol


Latharia said...

I think it's just awesome! Love that die cut paper!

crazierinreallife said...

totally diggin the colors on your page!!!!! they are so festive and I love the idea of your craft room photo. a perfect reminder