December 02, 2008

JYC - Day 2

Day 2 of the JYC project, Today I thought about previous Christmases. This is what the journaling reads:

Thinking about every Christmas that I can remember, I don’t actually ever recall having any snow on or around Christmas day. I remember being really disappointed as a child at the lack of snow! But like any other child, with all the excitement of Christmas, I soon forgot about that!

Whenever it does actually snow, which is normally March, April, May time now, it always feels so Christmassy and I love wrapping up warm by the window just watching the snow fall with a big mug of coffee or hot chocolate in my hands.

Weirdly today we are having out heating fixed! It broke a couple of weeks ago and today is the first day they could come out to fix it, so I am sat wrapped up warm now every so often having a huge hug with my little boy so that we can steal each others body warmth! Hopefully by the end of today it will be fixed and we will feel like we are on holiday!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
I am also in Kent and like you I cannot remember ever having snow on Christmas Day. It's normally just overcast and drizzly!
Your page is beautiful...and you do it all with a 3 month! My daughter is 23 months and I have to wait until she's asleep or at nursery to do my JYC pages, or little fingers keep messing things up!
Tracey x (tmg)