December 17, 2008

JYC - Day 17. Perfect present

I really enjoyed today's page, I thought about previous years for the journaling as I thought if I did a page on this years prezzies it would give it away!!!

The journaling on the tag says:

The year we moved in together I surprised Steve with a new telly for Christmas. It arrived while I was at work & my mum & dad were at our house ready to hide it away!

We didn't realise how big the box would be & it had to stay in the kitchen!

It was too big for me to move & I had to wrap it in the kitchen. I ran round and round the box with the wrapping paper & when Steve got home from work he was so excited to see this huge box!

I wanted to wrap the remote and put it under the tree but I couldn't get it out of the box as it was at the bottom! So I wrapped a pic of it and put it under the tree.

On Christmas morning Steve opened the envelope and had the biggest smile ever!


Anonymous said...

What a super story! I am loving your JYC layouts - you have such a funky style.
I'm glad you liked my mince pie photo on the forum. The digi frame is from two peas. I have to admit I have an addiction to mince pies - I'm eating 3 a day! Just as well they are homemade and not shop-bought otherwise I'd be penniless by now! ;)
Keep up the good work.


Sarah said...

Love the journalling on this page, definately a story you will always remember! Your journal is great, love all the colours you've used!

crazierinreallife said...

great journaling and I am in love with the paper you used